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How it works?
It's simple!
1. Leave an application
2. Invest into an application
4. Get profit
3. Receive loans
Independent experts
Analyze applications for a fee. Выставляют кредитный рейтинг. Set a credit rating
Analyze and take a part of the risks for a reward
How to become an investor?
Step by step manual
1. Sign Up
You only need your name, email and phone
2. Deposit your account
With Bank transfer
3. Invest
Select a project on the website or in mobile app
4. Grow your capital
Withdraw profit on a monthly basis or reinvest it.
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Guarantees from Karma
Insurance option against bankruptcy of the borrower
The insurer is the UK Consent. Insurance premium is 2% of the loan amount. Insurance should cover 80% of a loan amount (the deductible is 20%). SK Soglasie has a reliability rating of AAA from NAR. In 2017, the company paid customers 20 billion rubles to cover the risks.

How is the insurance issued? (FAQ question 10)
Repurchase in case of default
In case of borrower's default, Karma repurchases the problem debt and independently on its own collects funds from the borrower. The purchase price is paid to the investor after collection. An investor can refuse to sell the problem debt and collect it on his own.

How is repayment of a default loan conducted? (FAQ question 9)
Legal protection of investors
The terms and conditions of the transactions are fully consistent with investor interests and current legislation of Russian Federation.

What documents does an investor receive on the transaction? (FAQ question 3)
Selection of borrowers on more than 40 parameters, independent experts-analysts
All borrowers are carefully selected on the Karma platform. Only 3-5% of the best applications pass the scoring. Selected applications are analyzed by independent experts who write a conclusion and assign a rating.

How borrowers are selected? (FAQ question 6)
Evgeny Kuimov
"I think it's no secret that 1 ruble today and 1 ruble tomorrow is different money. Money should work and make a profit, not depreciate. "Karma" just finds a "job" for your free money, helping small enterprises to develop and you to earn"
Badalov Badal
"Finally, a reliable platform for p2p lending has appeared in Russia! It is only necessary to pass accreditation and choose the borrower. Investments from 20% per annum, soon there will also be deposits with insurance"
Molchanov Anton
"I am a Karma Platform user from its very start. Have already invested into 4 application. Interest receives monthly without delay. Everything is very simple and convenient"
1. What is Karma?
Karma ( is an online service where private investors can issue loans to entrepreneurs in a few clicks.

The service performs several important functions:

- registration of relations between the participants using electronic document management

- selection of borrowers, due to the modern scoring system and independent experts

- control over the fulfilment of obligations by borrowers, the recovery of an overdue debt in the interests of the investor.
2. How much can you earn on the platform? What are the costs?

During the operation of the platform, loan rates were in the range of 19% to 25% per annum. This is the profit before taxes and losses from defaults. First of all, the rate depends on the rating of the application.

In order for the profitability to be stable, it is recommended to make an investment portfolio of a large number of borrowers.

Below are approximate rates (per annum) depending on the rating and the recommended share in the investor's loan portfolio:

AAA - from 15% to 19% - up to 10% of the portfolio
AA - from 17% to 22% - up to 8% of the portfolio
A - from 19% to 25% - up to 5% of the portfolio
BBB - from 21% to 30% - up to 3% of the portfolio

You can read more about taxes in Q16

3. Why do borrowers apply for Karma? Why not take a bank loan at lower rates?
First, there is a huge market for borrowers, who for various reasons, cannot receive a bank loan.

In Russia, it is most difficult for companies with a loan portfolio from 3 million rubles to 100 million rubles.

Up to 3 million rubles, consumer loans and microloans for business are also available for entrepreneurs.

In the range from 3 to 100 credit void, only standard credit solutions are available, for example, overdraft and secured loans.

The second is the time of receipt. If the borrower claims to receive a loan under a non-standard program without collateral, then the deadline may be delayed for several months. All this period is accompanied by increased load on accounting, and tedious collection of certificates from the tax and banks.

Crowdlendingrates are higher, but the approach to selecting borrowers is much more flexible. The collection and analysis of information about the borrower are essentially automated
4. The yield on Federal Loan Bonds (OFZ) is about 8% and on corporate bonds 15%, why one should take the risk for an additional 5% -10%?
Each percentage point of income is essential in the long run, see an example in the table.
5. How are borrowers selected, how is a rating set?
The key to the successful long-term development of the platform is the high profitability of investors. It directly depends on the selection of borrowers. For this reason, Karma pays great attention to this issue.

Selection of borrowers is carried out in three stages:

🔸 Scoring. In a semi-automatic mode, at this stage, 90% of applications that do not meet our current requirements for borrowers are eliminated. 10% of applications fall on stage 2 of the study. Read more about scoring options here.

🔸 The detailed study of karma. At this stage, we request from the borrower an extended set of information on the business, structure the future transaction. If the transaction meets expectations, then it is sent to the study of external experts.

🔸 External experts. Selected by Karma experts in the analysis of credit risks of SMEs. Studying the information collected by Karma, given the structure of the transaction, experts write a credit opinion on the application and assign a credit rating to it.

The credit rating of an application depends on many factors:
- borrower's credit rating
- guarantor/guarantors credit rating
- availability of repayment source
- availability/quality of security
- legal transaction structure / legal risks
and etc.

The degree of significance of the above factors in each case may be different and is determined by the expert individually
6. Scoring in Russia does not work. The borrower may simply not return the money and for those borrowers, nothing will happen!
This is not valid. There are various additional guarantee mechanisms for the transaction, which significantly increase the likelihood of debt repayment:

🔸 Providing a solid guarantee (approx. Real estate). The cost of collateral is usually 1.5 - 2 times the amount of the loan. A reserve at the cost of collateral is necessary to guarantee not only the return of the body but also the payment of the amount of interest, penalties and fines that accumulate during the period of delay.

🔸 Personal guarantee. The guarantor is responsible for the obligations of the company with all its assets, including future income. In case of default by the borrower, the court may arrest the guarantor's bank accounts, and he may also be restricted from travelling abroad.
If the borrower/guarantor is still unable to fulfil his obligations, a bankruptcy proceeding may be initiated by the debtor or the lender. Being in the register of bankrupts makes it impossible not only to obtain loans in the future but may even lead to difficulties with opening bank accounts and other troubles.

🔸 Targeted use of the loan with control of revenue on the nominal account. In most cases, if the loan is issued for the replenishment of working capital and the borrower cannot or does not want to return the money, there is only one way for the investor - long-term litigation, by the end of which the borrower's company no longer has any assets.

With targeted loans and repayment on a nominal account, everything is much safer. If the borrower suddenly violates the terms of the target use of funds or changes the account details, where the proceeds from the counterparty/borrower's counterparties should come in, if the loan is not repaid, this can be interpreted as intentional action to not comply with the terms of the loan agreement and entail even criminal liability .

7. What if something happens to Karma or the project closes?
This is not a risk for the investor!
Cash is already invested. It is necessary to notify borrowers to pay directly to the investor. The obligation of the borrower to accept such orders, if something happens to Karma, is specified in the loan agreement.

Cash on a nominal account. It is necessary to contact the bank servicing the nominal account with identity documents. At any given time, it is the investor who owns these funds, not Karma
8. Can Karma steal my money?

All funds are on the nominal account. Withdrawal from the nominal account is possible only to the beneficiary (owner) of the funds, and the platform itself cannot be the beneficiary of the funds in the account and transfer them to itself.

If we imagine that the attackers inside the platform will try to transfer funds from the account of one investor to the account of another investor, this will not work either. The bank servicing the nominal account knows how much money came from the investor and if the withdrawal amount on the account exceeds the input amount and profitability, then such an operation will immediately raise questions for the bank and result in blocking operations.
9. What to do if the borrower does not return the loan?

In 90% of cases, non-return within the terms specified in the contract is of a technical nature, for example, the borrower's counterparty has not fulfilled its obligations under the contract. Then the payment just happens with a slight delay.

In 10% of cases, problems with the borrower are significant. Karma buys troubled debt from the investor on itself and carries out all the work of the debtor on its own behalf in the interests of the investor. The redemption price is 80% of the amount recovered from the borrower.

An investor can refuse to sell a defaulted loan to Carme and collect on his own.
10. How to become an investor?
🔸 Step №1 Register on the platform
It takes no more than 2 minutes. You need to fill out a full name, specify a mobile phone and confirm the data with a code from SMS.

🔸 Step number 2 Top up your account on Karma
The account can be topped up by bank transfer through any bank. Your funds will be kept on a nominal account (see p. 10) and no one except you can manage them.

🔸 Step №3 Invest in your favourite companies
1. Choose an application on the general market
2. Specify the amount and invest. The minimum investment is 5000 rubles.

Karma ensures the safety of your assets. We work with a nominal bank account. Money from it can move either towards the investor or towards the borrower. Nowhere else.

No one except the bank can dispose of it, and your money can not physically disappear, as it happens with financial pyramids.

🔸 Step # 4 The borrower pays interest and principal on the payment schedule.
The application is on the market no more than 21 calendar days. Once the investment is collected, the platform closes the transaction, forms the final terms of the loan agreement (taking into account the amount collected by investors) and calculates the payment schedule.

The payment schedule can be tracked in the "My Portfolio" section (

11. Which borrowers can you recommend?
It is important to understand that all the borrowers we have selected are approved by the Karma team. The only proper long-term loan investment strategy is the maximum diversification.

Recall that our recommendations on limits per borrower are as follows:
Rating Approximate yield Limit

AAA - from 15% to 19% - up to 10% of the portfolio
AA - from 17% to 22% - up to 8% of the portfolio
A - from 19% to 25% - up to 5% of the portfolio
BBB - from 21% to 30% - up to 3% of the portfolio

12. What is a nominal score and how does it work?
In accordance with Article 860.1 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation, a nominal account may be opened for the account holder to carry out operations with monetary funds, the rights to which belong to another person - the beneficiary.

Thus, LLC Karma Technology - the owner of the account, the investor and the borrower - the beneficiaries of the account.

Within the framework of the nominal account, Karma performs separate accounting for investors' subaccounts. On a daily basis, Karma provides the bank with an up-to-date register of beneficiaries on subaccounts.
13. How is a deal drawn up, what is an offer and how is it signed?
All document flow on the platform is electronic. In order for the borrower not to sign the contract with each investor, the formalization of the relationship takes place through the issuing of an offer from the borrower in favour of a limited number of potential investors (users of the Karma platform).

An offer is a proposal to conclude a contract (Art. 435 of the Civil Code of the Russian Federation). The borrower places an offer on Karma, offering to enter into a loan agreement. Confirmation of the offered placement is the payment by the borrower from his checking account to the Karma commission: the unique number of the offer being placed is indicated in the payment order of the borrower.

If the investor fulfils the conditions specified in the offer, as well as the general conditions are realized, for example, collecting the minimum amount, then the loan agreement between the investor and the borrower is considered to be concluded on the terms of the offer.

14. What documents does an investor receive after a transaction?
🔸 Signed by the payment from the current account of the borrower, an offer to conclude a loan agreement, an offer to conclude a surety agreement and an offer to conclude a pledge agreement/offer to conclude a cession agreement.

🔸 Payment of the borrower, confirming the issuance by the borrower of an offer to enter into a loan agreement/pledge agreement.

🔸 Assistance from the borrower or the bank on crediting the loan amount to the borrower's current account.

🔸 The assistance of the Karma Online Service that the loan agreement and collateral agreements are concluded and the loan is issued to the borrower, indicating the total amount of the loan issued and the amount of investment in this loan of a specific investor. When concluding a cession agreement, this certificate also contains confirmation of the fact of the cession agreement conclusion and transfer of funds to the assignor as payment for the rights of demand acquired by the investor. The certificate is certified by an authorized person of Karma Technology LLC.

Documents in electronic form available to the investor in your account after the transaction.

Paper copies of documents certified by Karma Technology LLC can be ordered by the investor through the support service (paid service).

15. How does Karma take part in transactions? Does the company have a license of the Central Bank?
Karma (LLC Karma Technology) provides IT services to participants of crowdfunding: borrowers and investors. This service is provided in accordance with the user agreement (

This type of activity does not require a license from the Central Bank. At the same time, we are constantly in contact with employees of the Central Bank and on a voluntary basis, we provide information about the platform's activities.

Crowdlending is pending at the State Duma of the Russian Federation. Our employees are directly involved in the formation of this document, as consultants.

In most transactions, Karma (LLC Karma Leasing) acts as a co-investor, thereby guaranteeing borrowers a collection of the minimum required amount.

16. How and what taxes should an investor pay?
For citizens of the Russian Federation:

- Individual. The personal income tax rate is 13%. The tax is withheld by the platform upon receipt and paid for the investor in the budget. The investor is left alone in the year until April 30 with the help of our service to prepare the income statement for the last year and submit it to the tax office personally or electronically.

- Self-employed. To confirm this status, the investor must provide a certificate of registration as a self-employed person in Karma. The investor pays the tax independently.

- Individual entrepreneur. Under the regime of the simplified tax system (tax base - income), the tax rate is 6%. The investor pays the tax independently.

For citizens of other countries, the tax rate is set at 30%, with the exception of countries with which there is an agreement to avoid double taxation (if the investor provides the original documents confirming his tax status and the right to reduce the rate).

17. What happens if the initial application does not collect the minimum amount of investment?
After selecting an application for a loan, the funds indicated by the investor for investment are frozen in his virtual account. If the application collects the minimum required amount specified in the offer, the funds are transferred to the borrower. If the minimum required amount is not collected, the funds in the accounts of investors are unblocked.

As part of the session, the minimum collection amount is 5000 rubles.
Until the end of 2019, Karma acts as a co-investor on all applications, thereby guaranteeing borrowers a collection of the minimum required amount.
18. Is it possible to return your investment ahead of time?
This possibility is not provided by the offer. A mechanism for the secondary circulation of loans issued is in the testing stage on the Karma platform. After its introduction, the investor will be able to resell his loan, in part or in whole, to another investor or even to the borrower himself. As soon as this option is available, we will inform you.
19. I have not found/found the answer to my question.
Ask your question in the chat for investors ( or by e-mail: [email protected]
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