Karma Estate
Stable coin with stable growth
based on mortgages portfolio
First crypto stable coin backed by mortgages
Invest in high-yield estate portfolios with crypto
Stable growth
Average annual interest rate
for the borrowers: 18% in RUB.
Fund management fee: 2%.
USD/RUB currency hedge: 5-6%.
EST growth: 5-11% annually in USD,
depending on USD/RUB volatility.
Token is traded at decentralized,
OTC and p2p markets.
Market making with 2-3% spread
from the fair price of the assets.
Buyback option guarantee
from the token issuer.
Real Assets
Token price is based on the fair price
of the underlying assets: mortgages, cash and currency hedge, which is regularly audited and published, so the investors can track it anytime. Avg. loan size: 35k USD, maturity: 0, duration: 1 year.
Stable Price Growth
It's better than p2p-loans, because investor can buy and sell any part of the portfolio anytime.
There are always some risks
if you want to have more than 0% profit after inflation
Borrowers' Defaults
In this case fund management will sell the real estate collateral at the market to cash out. It usually takes 3-12 months. Investors' income for that period is covered with 50% discount on collateral price.
Currency risk
USD/RUB currency exchange risk is hedged via fiat exchange currency swaps, futures options and other tools available at the market. Depending on USD/RUB rate and the market, currency hedge will cost 5—10%.
Collateral price fall
The collateral market price is twice bigger than the loan size. Considering the real estate market, there's enough time to sell the collateral before it's fair market price will fall more than 2 times.
Legal Information
Fund management company
is regulated by British Law
Tokens issued by Belize-based company and regulated with public offer and local laws. Russian SPV, which owns the portfolio, will guarantee the obligations of Belize company.

Belize company information:
Certificate of Incorporation
Certificate of Incumbency
Russian company information:
Government Legal Entities Registry Receipt
Office address: Russia, Moscow, Nikolskaya st., 10, 705.

Public online offer for token holders
Token Distribution
Emission size: 5000 EST
1EST = 100 USD
Total funding: 500 000 USD
Online offer
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